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Ice Anchor coolers

Started with a Dream

Built on an Idea

Created in a Garage


In 2016, we had the crazy idea to come up with a way to transport a cooler

conveniently and with the peace of mind that it would be virtually impossible to steal. 


Today, we do exactly that.  Exactly. That. One. Thing. 


We do it with PRIDE and attention to detail. 


We do it with HEART and quality workmanship.

We do it HERE.  Right here.  In the U.S.A. 

We designed our racks with Jeeps specifically in mind. Our racks use the factory hardware from the spare tire and will bolt right up to any year Jeep Wrangler. The quality and workmanship of our racks will with stand anywhere your Jeep can go.

As a company, we strive to provide superior quality products at an affordable price.



made in the


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